It is into 1997 that Jean Labérenne undertakes to convert with the bio this field which counts today 26 hectares (13 of white, 13 of red, including 24 for the VDP and 2 for Armagnac). Its step of an ecological modernism good included/understood is in fact aboutissement it of an overall reflexion on the management of the environment.

Located in the surface of Ténarèze which gives a so particular (with its calcareous basement), the field acquired long date a beautiful reputation in the production of Armagnacs fine and vintage that one has wisdom to let wait “time that it is necessary” , before marketing them.

The option Indication Géographique Protégée is more recent and prints with the places the mark and the will of Jean Laberenne in the passion of better doing. Option which will result in the marketing of “top-of-the-range” I.G.P. of this French Tuscany, without neglecting for as much daily customers with the choice deliberated on modern containers. Lastly, if the progressive equipment of the field followed, in parallel, the réencépagement necessary one, the Field marketed the wines in bottles only as from the year 2005 in red and 2006 in white. This beautiful building site has to be still prolonged for a few years, more especially as Jean Labérenne takes as a malicious pleasure to complicate the restoration by a search for material authenticity which sometimes anxious its close relations….. The first results obtained authorize all the hopes.