our Armagnacs


Ugni Blanc is the only grape variety used for the wine for distillation on plots of land covered by the Armagnac Ténarèze A.O.P. The soils are of the clay-lime type which is so typical of the Ténarèze area. The distillation is carried out at the Domaine using an old wood-heated continuous still and usually takes place in November.
The Domaine’s brandies are aged in 300 or 400-litre oak barrels. Most of them are vintaged at between 44° and 48° and their characteristic features include a strong fragrance of prunes and crystallised fruit and a powerful, muscular mouth which is typical of the Ténarèze terroir.
The Domaine also ages Armagnacs made from an assemblage of a number of vintages at least twenty years old, reduced to 44°; although these are suppler and rounder, they still retain the fruity aromas of the Domaine’s brandies.

The Armagnacs only go on the market after 20 years of ageing in our wine storehouses.

The Domaine’s Armagnacs are to be found at wine merchants’ and in the finest restaurants. A number of Michelin-starred establishments regularly trust us to supply them.

Our packaging breaks down into two cases for 50 cl and 70 cl bottles and a wooden presentation box for 1.5-litre magnums.

The labels or back labels can be personalised in any way you may wish, even with small quantities.

The Domaine’s Armagnacs have had the organic farming label since the 2002 vintage.